The Most Effective Prosthetic Liner Care And Hygiene System    

Introducing The Liner Wand: The first deep-cleaning prosthetic liner coating clinically proven to reduce odor and irritation for up to two weeks with each application! Experience enhanced comfort, fit and quality of life!


KIT Contains: 3-month supply of Liner Wands, Non-soap Cleanser, and Soft-touch Cleaning Brushes.


THE LINER WAND w/Apocrine ™

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There are an estimated 2.1 million people living with limb loss in the United States. 


New Amputations In the US annually

70 %

of prosthetic-bearing amputees complain about odor

of prosthetic-bearing amputees complain about skin Irritation

74 %


people lose a limb In the US every day

How It works

Ditch the traditional soap and alcohol! The Liner Wand uses a sponge tip to deep-clean the surface of your liner to decontaminate and remove bacteria byproducts that cause odor and irritation!

A single thin coating of Apocrine™️ solution creates a protective titanium barrier that helps fight build up, skin irritation, and odor.

Wearing a prosthetic, you can be afraid to take it off in public because of fear that it will smell.

The Liner Wand is clinically proven to eliminate bacterial byproducts that causes prosthetic odor, even when extensively worn!

Say Goodbye To Odor 

Put an end to the discomfort and irritation!

The thin coating of Apocrine™️ solution eliminates dead skin build up, and creates a protective barrier against chaffing, inflammation caused by heat and perspiration buildup!

Enjoy Ultimate Comfort 

Never let your prosthetic hold you back again.

Feel confident and empowered to socialize, travel, work, exercise, and live life to its full potential without any restrictions or limits!

Take Your Freedom Back 

Mission Statement

Become the standard in liner hygiene management, and support the goals of equitable access to innovative health care.

See What Amputees Are Saying About The Liner Wand!

"End of day 6, wearing for 16 hrs a day and including 2 gym workouts. Still no odour👍"

Nancy H.  

"I'm playing wheelchair basketball, and sweat has become even more of an issue now. Apocrine has been a life saver!”

Ross D.

"I have not had any major skin breakdown or infection issues for about 6 weeks now"

Brian P.

Meet the team

Elizabeth A. Stone, MBA


Bill Cesare, Ph.D., CPE

Chief Growth Officer

VP Operations

Chris Daft, MS, MBA

Tom Hutchinson MS, RAC, FRAPS

VP Quality/Regulatory 

Nick Cesare, MBA

Head of Digital Marketing

Social Community Manager

Ali Cesare

Dr. John D. Jarrell, Ph.D


Dr. Christopher Born, M.D


Dr. Dioscaris Garcia, Ph.D

Scientific Advisor

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THE LINER WAND w/Apocrine ™

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